Sprinklers, nozzles, garden hoses, cable ties, galvanised steel, key clamps fittings, pumps, pondliner, water.
Poul’s frontgarden, Dagmarsgade 38, Ringsted.
Forhave – Sammenstød 4 Ringsted Galleriet, Ringsted, DK

The owner of Damhusgade 38, Poul, very kindly let me dig out a large hole in his front garden for my work Aspirationer (aspirations). The work is a water fountain build of ordinary garden sprinklers, hoses and nozzles put together in an intricate system connected to two pumps and strapped to a three tier galvanised tube construction.

Photo credit Morten K Jacobsen

Situated in the front garden’s breach between the public and the private sphere, Aspirationer is not much different to the neighbouring houses well maintained rose beds, put on display for curious neighbours as well as the casually passing dog walker.

Aspirationer’s ambitions are the sumptuous fountains of Versaille and the ostentatious water shows of Las Vegas, while, for now, its reality is a residential front garden in Ringsted in Denmark.

With its insisting attempt to imitate the grandiosity of its icons, the fountain is based on the idea of our own everyday dreams, and it is these that the fountain’s untiring eagerness wants to remind us of, in a time when so much seems uncertain.

The fountain was placed in the newly dug out garden pond and was on display every day and evening for the duration of the exhibition Forhave (frontgarden).

Below a short video documentation.

With the series of exhibitions SAMMENSTØD (collision) Ringsted Galleriet wishes to create a more integrated exhibition profile, where art interrupts everyday life by being present in the everyday public sphere. Through 6 exhibitions, in which Forhave (frontgarden) is one, the works presented will operate according to the rules of street and act as independent exhibitions colliding with their surroundings.