Found sinks, water pump, lights. 

Schloss Gleina, Gleina, Germany.



Gleina Schloss was build in the 1600 century in the small

town of Gleina in east Germany. At the time of the DDR in

1948 the castle was repurposed as a retirement home.

Only recently it was discovered, that what had appeared

to be two separated living rooms in fact was the old

ballroom. Under the reconstructed fiberboard ceiling

the original ornamented concave ceiling was hidden.


The sinks from when the castle served as a retirement

home was reinstalled as a fountain on the remaining

parting wall. The installation was opened for the

European Heritage Day 8th September 2013, where

national monuments are open for the public.

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                The remains of the parting wall was planned to be taking down to recreate the original ballroom.