Maybe you should have been there



Wood, rope, bike elastics, cake, construction lamps.

KunstPodium T, Tilburg, Netherlands. 








A cake-catapult was installed in the

gallery space with windows facing the

street. From the outside it was visable that

the catapult was aiming towards the door,

and that the door worked as the trigger of

the catapult. Before entering the gallery a

visitor was aware of the consequences of

opening the door to the room, that being

the risk of being shot down by a flying


On the opening night the door was opened

and the catapult set off by a visitor. The

moment of excitement and realease was

replaced by a mixture of disappointment

and ridicule. The cake, only making it

one-and-a-half-meter from the catapult

failed fufilling its own expectations.


The leftover of the action was there for the

rest of the exhibition indicating the tension

and failure of the forgoing situation, only to

realise that maybe you should have been