The irony of self acknowledgement


Elastic band, pouch with brick, rope, construction lamp.

Noortdorphstraat 22, 3R, Amsterdam.

The installation constructed speceficly to the infrastructure of the apartment of Noortdorphstraat 22, 3R.





In one room of the apartment a catapult

charged with a brick was installed.

The catapult was aimed directly at the

window facing the apartment balcony.

The door to the room was closed

and a sign 'Please use the other entrance'

was attached. A string was attached to

the door handle disappearing through a

hole in the door.

The visitor entered the apartment

registering the closed door in the hallway.

Continuing through the apartment the

eventually ended up on the balcony.





Standing in front of the window with

the catapult aimed at them from

behind the glass, the visitor would

recognize the situation and the

possibility of someone else

opening the door oblivious of its

function as the trigger of the



Establishing a physical presence

of tension and an acknowledgment

of the social responsibility in the 

work, the visitor left the tangible 

situation anticipating the moment of












The catapult remained unreleased.

Two weeks after the exhibition, the

building was demolished.