Materials and objects are all kindly donated by residents of Sommerhuskolonien ABC in Rødovre, Denmark. 
The fountain was build for the exhibition KOLONIEN III, Denmark.

Sammenskudsgilde (Potluck) is a public fountain made entirely of donations from the summerhouse residents in Kolonihaveforeningen ABC. Everything from teacups to paint to dragonfish sculptures and sewer pipes were kindly given to the ‘community fountain project’. In return the fountain created a new sense of unity connecting the old and the new generation of residents with a renewed feeling of pride in their community.

Living on a small summerhouse plot for two weeks I spent time talking to and engaging with the local residents. Within the many exchanges I was told stories of the good old days, offered plums and herbs from gardens, poured many glasses of rosé and embraced as an outsider into this diverse community.

The exhibition KOLONIEN III is part of the local community that exists at the garden association ABC in Rødovre. With this alternative exhibition format, the exhibition wants to draw contemporary art out of the institutions’ white cubes into a homely, intimate and local encounter between art, artist and visitor.


Above, the plaque listing the contributors and their donated items. Read full list below.

Helen and Niels from Morbærstien 16 donated two flowerpots and a metal watering can. Tine from Morbærstien 36 donated a Madam Blå sieve and ladle. Susie and Arne from Hyldebærstien 2 donated a tin bucket, which Arne for some time has wanted to get rid of. Pia and Magnus from Morbærstien 40 donated a steel ashtray on feet. A garden owner who wishes to be anonymous donated a piece of vinyl flooring. Jannie from Morbærstien 43 donated two brass curtain fixings and two ceramic jugs, which the neighbour used, once in a while, to fill up the birdbath. John and Sally from Hyldebærstien 33 donated an old water hose and a host of flowerpots including one in bright pink. Christel who because of the newly changed street names doesn’t remember which number on Morbærstien he lives in, donated a turquoise ceramic cup. Vinnie and Hans from Hyldebærstien 13 donated plastic toys from an old nursery sandpit, which doesn’t exist anymore. Ruth, who is the previous owner of Stikkelsbærstien 8 and now lives in her son’s plot at Blåbærstien 3 donated a big pot made of an undefined material. John from Blåbærstien 23 donated an old conch shell. Kirsten from Stikkelsbærstien 34 donated a pair of rubber boots, which have been indispensable throughout the building of the fountain. Alexandra from Solbærstien 59 donated a big piece of sewer pipe. Jette from Solbærstien 55 donated a lovely ceramic dish. Maria and Svend from Solbærstien 53 donated a blue and white metal tray with a pink flower motif. Marianne from Solbærstien 50 who only just moved in, donated a stone plinth left behind by the previous owners which might have carried a sun dial. Laila and Kevin from Solbærstien 49 donated a tin flowerpot. George and Anette from Morbærstien 41 donated an old orange plastic funnel, which George thought he lost but, after buying himself a new one, found in the shed. Sisel and Morten from Solbærstien 46 donated a Japanese Saki-cup. Tonny and Joan from Solbærstien 47 donated two porcelain jars which Tonny still potentially doesn’t know have been donated. Susanne and Flemming from Solbærstien 7 donated a glass vase, a ceramic pot, two ornate glass bulbs and tiny almost authentic antique Greek vases. Dorthe and Poul from Hyldebærstien 17 donated a terracotta clay salad bowl, which Dorthe says was very popular some years ago. Maria from Stikkelsbærstien 51 donated a small garden fountain of fake stone. Cathrine and Thomas from Solbærstien 13 donated a sink. Bent from Solbærstien 9 donated

a plastic bird figure, a lying plastic frog figure, a motorcycle helmet, a ceramic sugar beet lantern signed ‘Hanne Holm, 88, Lolland’, a miniature turtle, a bird feeding mount, a glass of rosé wine and a dragon fish sculpture which was sat in front of the former director of Copenhagen’s Zoo Arne Dyhrberg’s house. Allan from Stikkelsbærstien 11 donated a ‘hunting lure’ in the shape of a duck. Mette and Emil from Stikkelsbærstien 13 donated Emil’s toy vacuum cleaner, which Emil didn’t want to throw out and instead decided to donate to the fountain. Lone from Stikkelsbærstien 1 donated a fake royal Copenhagen porcelain cup and saucer. Kirsten from Stikkelsbærstien 53 donated a multi flowered tin tray. A garden owner who wishes to be anonymous donated a coffee service and a milk jug. Britta and Leif from Stikkelsbærstien 27 who knows the previous owner Ruth through many years donated a glass candlestick tray. Benny from Stikkelsbærstien 47 donated a steel garden table. Leonora from Morbærstien 42 donated yellow retro plastic plates and a beautiful pink piggy bank. Hamdi from Morbærstien 47 donated wood primer and green wood paint. Tom and Lissi from Solbærstien 19 donated an old iron cast stables window and a white metal tray. Bente and Aage from Solbærstien 26 donated a tea service set with fruit motifs which none of their children wants to inherit. Buller and Susanne from Solbærstien 28 donated four flowerpots including one in the shape of half an egg. Frank from Solbærstien 34 donated plums from the garden and herb seedlings for the garden. Benny from Solbærstien 38 donated six cups and saucers with a flower motif. Grethe from Stikkelsbærstien 14 donated a plastic plate and an orange coffee funnel. Mona from Solbærstien 42 donated two clay turtle figures. Sine who is a professional painter from Hyldebærstien 36 donated masking tape, lacquer and good painting advice. Bo from Stikkelsbærstien 2 donated a green plastic watering can that was indispensable during the testing of the fountain. Signe from Morbærstien 7 donated a wooden chair. Lotte and Søren from Morbærstien 9 donated three glass trays, two glass plates, spray paint in bronze and a three tiered cake tray. Heidi from Morbærstien 38 donated a piece of PVC pipe for the pump system. Marie, William, Anne and Jens the new owners of Stikkelsbærstien 8 donated plywood sheets, concrete slabs and the garden and house for me to stay in.