Materials and objects are all kindly donated by residents of Sommerhuskolonien ABC in Rødovre, Denmark. 
The fountain was build for the exhibition KOLONIEN III, Denmark.

Sammenskudsgilde (Potluck) is a public fountain made entirely of donations from the summerhouse residents in Kolonihaveforeningen ABC. Everything from teacups to paint to dragonfish sculptures and sewer pipes were kindly given to the ‘community fountain project’. In return the fountain created a new sense of unity connecting the old and the new generation of residents with a renewed feeling of pride in their community.

Living on a small summerhouse plot for two weeks I spent time talking to and engaging with the local residents. Within the many exchanges I was told stories of the good old days, offered plums and herbs from gardens, poured many glasses of rosé and embraced as an outsider into this diverse community.

The exhibition KOLONIEN III is part of summerhouse life and the local community that exists at the garden association ABC in Rødovre. With this alternative exhibition format, the exhibition wants to draw contemporary art out of the institutions’ white cubes into a homely, intimate and local encounter between art, artist and visitor.

To read full list of contributors and their donated items please see next page. All coins collected was donated to Sommerhuskolonien ABC